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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, we have breaking news this morning. musicians and fans around the world are mourning the loss of iconic singer david bowie. he's dead at the age of 69. >> also, we have some new video just in from bucks county where an overnight fire destroys a restaurant and does significant damage to a shop filled with thousands of prom dresses. also, how authorities are responding following potential new threat to philadelphia police, all connect today friday's shooting ambush after officer. details coming up. good morning, it is monday, january 11, i'm erika von tiehl. first we check in with meisha and katie with the latest on the roads and forecast, good morning. >> good morning, happy monday, guys, kicking off another brand new week, and all in black, for good reason.
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we will be talking about that coming up here. but right now the roads are looking good, weaver flooding, fire out, there so katie, in terms of weather, everyone is wondering, any rain in our forecast for today's commute? >> no, not looking at it all. in fact, high pressure build in place here. good morning, everybody, happen mine day to you, skies are clearing although they are clearing, however, expect that it will be awfully cold outside. ended up breaking record yesterday. but now starting to see true arctic cold regain control here, but you know what? it is cold enough for that snow to continue to pump out in carbon county jack frost, big boulder, there you have it, still making snow up there, virtual winds err -- winter wonderland, out there across the pocono region, ski resorts loving the chill, actually, spelling g potential for our actual mother nature to bring in some true snow showers before the week is said and done. nod today, how much, storm scan remaining nice and quiet, it is clear, it is thinning out pretty easily, hint of breeze all you need for it to feel awfully cold outside.
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not that windy, but windy enough, that these temperatures, feels like values, factoring in the wind, feels more like 20's, teens, in a lot of locations but actual air temperature in the 30's, 20's, respectfully speaking so expect that when you walk out the door you will need to sort of maybe hug that coat little bit tighter. but do expect the sunshine, that's at least one thing we definitely have going for us here, mid 30's the, peck takes headed into the afternoon, but with the breeze, remember, you can't take those thermometer readings at face value. you have to subtract a few, at least five-10 degrees any time the wind blows, meisha, a over to you. >> good morning, happy monday to you, roadways looking nice and dry. sounds like they'll stay that way, and looking quiet although seeing activity out there. here is a look at the boulevard, ridge avenue, kelly drive. now the ramp from the boulevard southbound to ridge avenue at kelly drive is closed right now. you can't see it in this picture, but make note of. that will otherwise it is looking pretty good. ninety-five south at cottman, another place we will of
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course keep our eye on this morning, looking good, nice and quite, what we want to see at 4:30, first look in the morning. vine all open, you can see westbound and eastbound looking good there, early commuters already hitting rot he had ways, fire happened around 1:00 a.m. this morning to restaurant in trevose, bustleton pike is closed, roland to girard avenue. trevose road to street road, your best bet. i'll let you know when it gets cleared, make note, that because of the fire, roland avenue to girard avenue is closed right now. also some flooding route 413 closed new falls road to bath road, use 95 or bristol oxford valley road. >> back to breaking news, in the music industry, iconic singer david bowie has died after a battle with cancer. his representative says bowie died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by family. bowie turned 69 on friday, the same day he released a new albumn called black star.
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and david bowie's son and film director duncan jones tweeted this heart breaking photo of the two together. jones tweeted very sorry and sad to say it is true. i'll be off line for awhile. love to all. >> new this morning, fire damages a restaurant in bucks county. we have some brand new video, just in, as firefighters rush to the hong kong king buffet. it is on the 700 block of bustleton pike in feasterville. that will fire also damaged three other businesses. for vip fashion that fire happened at the worse possible time, as many girls are getting ready for prom season. >> yes, so this is really hard on us. this is like the very start of it. so it is casino after bummer, and we don't know how bad this could be. so it could be really bad for us. >> now, there are no reports of any injuries. our jan carabeo is at the scene, with a live report coming up in the next half hour. >> in other news this morning,
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philadelphia police are on high alert a mid possible new threat, than one is linked to the ambush sheeting of officer jesse hairnet. justin finch joins us now at police headquarters with the latest information for us. >> good morning, philadelphia police and the fbi look nothing this tip, one that says that police officers are possible targets of violent attacks from those who are linked to the shooter who is now accused of shooting officer heartnet last week, we also know this morning that police are now patrolling in pairs as this investigation continues. this is what the fbi and local law enforcement are working to avoid, another violent ambush after philadelphia police officer like this attack last thursday night, of officer jesse hartnet. >> i'm pleading heavily. >> suspected shooter, 30 year old edward archer every great on remains behind bars accused of attempted murder but over the weekends philadelphia police got a disturbing tip
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from a woman who claims archer is part of a group that consists of three others, that archer is not the most radical of the four, and that the threat to police is not over. john mcnesby, president of the philadelphia fraternal of police. >> comb through every possible lead, just to be sure, i mean, and i'm sure there are other leads that we still haven't been made aware of. >> tipster alleges that archer and the others were radicalized at philadelphia area mosks. >> our mosque is open to the general public. if he had come here on occasion, that's a possibility, we're not aware of that because we have been extremely vocal about radicalization and extreme i am, i don't think you will find any of our members being remotely involved in this tragic event. >> meantime officer hattnett continues to roofer from three gunshot wounds to his arms. >> how lucky he was.
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>> lucky indeed, he escaped some 13 bullet being shot only three times, we are hearing, officer hartnett due in surgery sometime today. over the weaken he has been supported by his family, friends, 18th district counterparts, again, the fbi and police pursuing these tips very actively. accused shooter edward shower cher due in court february 25th. that's the latest from here, over to you. >> justin, thanks so much. meanwhile the go funds me page set up for officer hartentt eights recovery has reached its goal and more, created friday with $15,000 goal and at last check well over $21,000. >> you can find that go fund me page on our website also where we'll have continuing coverage on the officer's recovery and new possible threat to the police. eighteenth district officer standing guard for officer hartnettt had a scarf
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his own. surveillance video right here shows officer in a scuffle with a man to tried to take his gun out of his holster. the officer was able to subdue that suspect with the help of hospital security. the officer was not hurt. and police say he actually gave the suspect $5 earlier in the day, when that man told him he needs money for food. a vet nor woman facing charges this morning after police say she accidentally crushed her infant daughter while she was allegedly high on drugs. thirty year old lisa skoal ya behind bars. police say she rolled on top of the little girl last week, and the child died friday at a local hospital. officers allegedly found heroin and prescription drugs in that home. her bond set at $100,000. >> mexican officials have started the process to extradite drug lord guzman to the united states to face drug and murder charges. guzman was recaptured on friday, six months after he escaped from prison. the extradition process could
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take a long time as guzman's lawyers have already filed appeals. authorities believe guzman's smug recalls tons of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana into the us. now, mexican officials are also focusing on secret meeting between the drug kingpin and oscar winning actor sean penn. they met secretly in the mexican jungle last october, three month after al chapo escaped from maximum security prince on. details of the seven hour conversation are revealed in a rolling stone article written by penn. rolling stone is now facing criticism over that article. >> well, all every those per spec spiff multi millionaires are now perspective multi billionaires. not even the billboards can keep up with the amount of the powerball jackpot, now staggers $1.3 billion. wow. now, don't worry, the lottery computers can handle all of the numbers without a problem. few powerball players think they know how to win by playing where others have won.
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this is the sunoco on cottman avenue. >> i buy my tickets here all the time. because it is a very lucky place to buy your tickets. >> people that don't even play are playing, people are just giving computer picks, i'm even out of splits for people to fill their own numbers out right now. >> how about it? the odds of winning are not on your side, it is about one in 292 million. but you can't win if you don't play. >> still ahead this morning, award season is underway. the goal end glo took place last night. we'll check out the big winners and the best jokes from the event. >> and oh, boy, what a change from yesterday. after a spring-like day, it is back into the 30's today. katie has a check on your forecast as you get ready to head to school and head to work. we'll be right back.
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>> oh, there it is, in a upset the renmant wins best film drama at the golden globe. 1820 thriller swept three of the top honors, film also won best director, and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. the renmant wasn't the only big winner last night, david daniel takes a look back at some of the more memorable moments. >> beautiful celebrities having the time of their lives, let's hope no one spoils that. >> golden globe host ricky gervais did his best of course taking aim at p everyone from sean penn to caitlin jenner and of course the hollywood foreign press itself, especially for nominating the martian as a comedy. >> to be fair the martian was a lot funnier than pixels but then again -- >> comedy or not, the martian got the last laugh winning best picture in its category while matt damian won best actor. >> thank you, thank you. >> gervais also found himself
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introducing old target, mel gibson, who got measure every revenge. >> i love seeing ricky witness every three years it, remind me to get a colonoscopy. >> two presenters weren't kid whg they reminded kit takes latina actress also not interchangeable. >> hi, i'm eva langoria,. >> and high i'm america ferriera not tina rodriguez. >> yes. >> and neither, neither one every us, are -- >> well said, selma. >> bff's amy schumer and jennifer laurence strutted on stage together before the joy start returned to pick up her third career golden globe. all for david o russell movie. >> every time i'm up here it is because of you. >> two winners received standing ovations, danzel washington, who received a lifetime achievement award, and best expecting actor winner sylvester stallone. >> i want to thank my imagine friends rocky balboa for being the best friends i ever had. >> this show is way too long,
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isn't it? >> but some people were in no hurry for the night to ends, like best tv drama actress taraji. >> please rap? wait a minute. i waited 20 years for. >> this you are going to wait. >> award season journey has just gun. oscar nominations announced thursday morning. in hollywood, i'm david daniels. >> oh, always fun. and i'm so happen that i finally rocky balboa got his golden globe, because nominated years ago for the first rocky movie, now came through. >> so happy. what a change in our weather. i couldn't believe yesterday to this morning, what, 30 something degrees? >> that's what an arctic colds front will do. >> true. >> and, erika, it looks like we will finally see some snow. >> wow. >> all right, so snow bunnies, there you go. >> rejoice, they already are, yes. now, not talking lie minutes kind of major shovable, it does not roll off the tongue, but, what you are going to find, yes, we think some finally some snowflakes that our are nature made for a
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change out there. already finding some in fact over the last couple of hours over central pa all sort of went swept snow showers, offer lake erie. none having a chance to survive as it rolls our way. so granted finds couple every clouds out there perhaps, far north and west most suburbs, but that is it. high pressure really taking control back. then we start to see new cold front move in. that's where we turn our focus for tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, we should start to see activity in the far northwest most suburbs, since moving west to east, even though i don't think you will be talking any major accumulation out of this, finally, little taste of winter, when it comes to the precipitation that we're finally looking at here it, doesn't look all that wood spread. scattered variety late day snow showers what we call it, clears out later tomorrow night. meantime we have already had cold front cross through, the reason we saw the rain over the weekends, but look what it has done to the temperatures since same time yesterday. for most every you 20 plus degrees colder by comparison, that is relates to the actual thermometer readings just couple every choice locations
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back in the 30's as a result, ac, philly, up in mount pocono, only at 23 degrees. but, today, going to be one of the balancing act kind of days where you sort of level off with the thermometer. yes, you are in the 30's now. only going to stay in the 30's, mid 30's at best in philly. with the winds probably doesn't feel any better than 29's, giles, so bundle up. hug the winter coat little tighter. notice chilly week in general. some evan flow if you will as another cold front comes along tomorrow. erika? >> katie, tank youment talking sport right now, eagles are expected to talk to former giants head coach tom coughlin today. search for chip kelly's replacement continues. the birds bosses have already interviewed chief defensive coordinator dug peterson. peterson played season with the eagles, and joined andy reid's coaching staff in 2009. now, he followed andy to kansas city where the thieves have made the playoffs this season. >> to basketball now, cleveland cavaliers in town to face the sixers. before the game labron james took that ball but shook it
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off, put on quite a show against the home team. he had 37 points, seven rebounds, and 95 cysts. the cavaliers beat the sixers 95 to 85, to sweep the season series, the sixers host the bulls this thursday night. coming up this morning, on "eyewitness news", oh, so hard waking up in the morning sometimes, but new alarm clock aimed at making it a little easier by enticing your sense of smell. details coming up in your money watch report. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> 4:00 ooh, time for a check on business news, money watch's jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange. >> we will all have your fingers crossed here, hopefully not rough street on wall street, but china, chest happening? >> good morning, erika, china's main stock market
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dropped another 5% this morning, of course, it was concern about china's economy, that sparked the massive sell-off last week. the dow fell more than a thousand points for the week. and friday sell off came despite good news about job growth in the united state. so this week, it is a start of earning season, which means investors will be watching as companies give us status report on their finances. so hopefully things will turn around. >> well, jill, we all know every course little hard getting up in the morning specially with early hours. now there is this new alarm clock could make it little less painful. what's this thing do? >> all right, so there is new alarm clock that wants to you wake up and smell the coffee or the croissants, called the censor wake clock. it will wake you up with a delicious scent like christ ons, expresso, or chocolate. there is a back up alarm just in case, and it costs about $89, available tore free-order now. erika? >> got to be a terrible tees. you wake up, smell christ and the, coffee, then nothing? >> you are waking to up little bit every disappointment, i
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guess, very good point. >> yes, green smooth i does not sound good after smelling chocolate and christ and the, thank you so much. >> youyou'll need to actually cook you breakfast, then i'm on board, i agree. >> see you in the next hour, jill. thanks. >> coming up after the break a check on traffic and weather together. we
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>> cold air reinforcements coming our way, we finley have first shot forget this snow. finally! it won't amount to very much, but will be there. now, here is storm scan3, quick peak, more than anything, just clearing out, we've got high pressure on our side today. so you are going to see full sunshine, but don't bank on that really helping you warm you up. not only hitting the 36 degrees mark, but factor in pretty chilly breeze out of the west, to up 20 miles per hour no levels, will feel no better than 20 opinion point. tonight stays dry. we will begin to see the clouds start to eventually
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build, but for the moment, things again stay dry, and cold, and then we head into tomorrow. that's finally when this next cold front arrives, and it will bring with it, a couple every late day snow showers through the region. like i said, don't expect it to amount to anything very much. it will add to the wintery atmosphere, told about the wintery chill, reinforce reinforcing the cold, high probably doesn't even hit the freezing mark, break out the winner coat, meisha. >> chill for sure, i felt it first thing walking out this morning, i knew it would be a chilly one, it is indeed, but at least roadways looking nice and dry. a look at 95 the headlight in the northbound direction approaching the blue route, also, pull your attention to this, not looking good, this is an accident, 95 north, right after it around the commodore barry bridge, two left lanes are block, you can see, the flashing lights, also see already even though not even into the 5:00 hour, see just the back up because of the accident. so ill of course let you know when that get cleared out of your way right now it is looking very bus any that area. boulevard at ridge avenue, kim
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ill i drive, to ridge avenue, it is closed right now, let you know that lift, when and if it does this morning, also a fire earlier this morning, trevose, bustleton pike closed, between roland avenue to girard avenue. use the alternate. trevose road to street road in and around that area, err way, back to you. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are live at strip mall damaged by overnight fire. why one of the store owners says this could not have happened at a worse time. well, also much more on the surprising overnight news after legendary singer, david bowie, dies. and the stars shine on the red carpet. we'll show you the fashion winners and the losers from the golden globe awards, back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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good morning, we have some breaking news from overnight. the music industry loses a legend. rock icon david bowie has passed away. we're taking a look back at his remarkable career. also, new this morning, fire rips through a bucks county strip mall and one of the stores owners says the timing of this fire is specially devastating. >> and after another day of record warmth this winter it is back to reality this morning, a very chilly start to your work week, good morning, it is monday, january 11, i'm erika von tiehl. you want to grab the heavy coat before you head out the door. could not believe we were in the 60s, but different story today. we check in with katie and meisha a good morning. >> good morning, happy monday, ladies.
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gem, it did feel very cold this morning, as you can see, we have some activity out on the roadways, i'll get to it? just a moment. katie, how is it feeling out there? >> definitely chilly. definitely the breeze, i shouldn't say anything, because every time i do, like right on cue when the breeze kicks in, not too bad yet. have only been out here for minute or two, see how we do, but definitely chill in the air for sure. did just have cold front, why it was so wet over the weekends with all of the soaking rain, but now the reinforcements are going to be brought in here in the next couple every days. at the moment, storm scan totally quiet, high pressure keep control for our weather here, over the course of the entire day and night for that matter. but as we look forward in the forecast, yep, looking for some snow folks, another front is coming our way. obviously, not amounting to heck of a lot. if anything, we might see a tent of an inch or so but even if it does in fact happy don't think you will have a chance to see it stick and accumulate. just haven't had enough of cold spell where


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